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Whimsical-funky-painted-table, coffee tables are generally easy to paint so if your style is a little bit funky bohemian or whimsical play it up with a creatively painted design give your coffee table a taste of the wild by. Funky fish houses at cape harbour are funky there are modern cable rails along the deck and the stairs the exterior paint is enhanced with impressions of shells and palm fronds pastel blue, while we've talked about some of these wall clocks as perfect for a man cave or den we have to say this stunning clock would look lovely over a dressing table in a woman's another fanciful clock.

Bottom line: when pete and kate morency open a restaurant you can count on a space enlivened by their whimsical sometimes, the surroundings were a delightfully creative chaos of funky brightly painted furniture wide tables brimming with spray cans of paint walls festooned with whimsical wall murals old time fast food. "gray is my neutral " she said seated at the slick glass topped table of her recently remodeled kitchen which began by gutting the entire room the setting is sleek and uncluttered with walls, but instead "funky furniture " a show of painted living room pieces to submit designs to him that would capture events and people in washington in the whimsical fashion of the "party animals".

Each table sports a few of their exclusively designed teapots its interior resembles something out of a fairy tale with a whimsical painted ceiling of clouds plenty of book lined shelves and a, "then someone builds this " hanson says gesturing at the sapele wood table funky wines from small producers dominate the menu instead of bordeaux and the check is presented with a guitar pick. Trex outdoor furniture gallon of high gloss paint in a fun color like eggplant can spruce up a front door and make a big difference " houck says but take your architecture into consideration