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Vinyl-siding-wood-look, eco conscious homeowners can minimize the harmful impact of chemicals with vinyl siding cleaners labeled "non toxic" and "biodegradable " the latter meaning that the product will decompose even. Albuquerque n m q: the wood composite siding on my 30 year old home is starting to look its age i really don't want to paint it anymore and am thinking of switching to aluminum or vinyl siding, it now comes in a wide range of colors contractor zoli hollosi says newer styles have a deeper profile that makes vinyl siding look a lot more like wood "they've got more of a contour to it so it.

Q my primary home and a camp i own in the woods both are covered with siding one is wood the other is vinyl siding and both are dirty in the past few years i've been stunned to discover mildew, but it looks bad i would like to replace it with wood siding can i just nail wood over the old siding what is the best method to do it andre b dear andre: new aluminum or vinyl siding looks. Celect siding promises the look and feel of wood with a seamless finish in a material that it's a top end product that doesn't look like vinyl siding and costs more than other siding choices, colorlok siding this factory finished siding is has the look of wood and the easy to maintain qualities of vinyl it comes from the factory with a subtle weathered pine textured finish in a choice of.

Fiber cement is the second largest siding material and will record healthy gains over this period because of the material's: ability to mimic the look of natural wood more effectively than vinyl, however while manufacturers are creating vinyl siding that imitates materials like wood it still doesn't look quite as realistic engineered wood: engineered wood is made of wood fiber and resin.

Making vinyl look good on a house is more challenging than wood or fiber cement hands on is always the best way to learn but you can get basic installation instructions from the vinyl siding, textures: a smooth vinyl surface costs the least if you don't want the plain look you can find vinyl siding that looks like wood clapboard or wood shake but the material will cost more thicknesses.

Look we all wish we could have real wood clapboard but the reality is sometimes it's just not in the budget or on the rental so if you're working with vinyl what do you do well first you'll