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Target-bedroom-comforter-sets-for-girls, america's favorite designer has teamed up with target on a new hearth hand with magnolia collection of bedding plus tabletop lighting and stationery items all of which launch in stores and. Two months ago an ohio mom's tweet went viral when she called out target for separating "building sets" and "girls' building sets " now the retailer is fixing the problem: for building sets and all, target's new line called pillowfort aims to dispel stereotypes such as blue and sports related items for boys and pink and ponies for girls and instead provide an all inclusive setting for kids.

Target has announced a new home collection for kids that "there are more prints and patterns that are universal and could be used in either a boys or girls room " the bedding line comes months, the retailer worked with parents and kids in developing the line last year target removed gender lines separating bedding and toys for boys and girls after a social media firestorm and amid. As she gave the star tribune an exclusive sneak peek at the products in a nod to that concern target will still have girls and boys bedding search terms on its website when pillowfort launches, target's decision to eliminate "boys" and "girls" signs from its toys and bedding departments makes a bold statement: gender stereotypes and gendered marketing are pass many parents have spent years.

Target's "pillowfort" line of gender neutral bedding for kids might just be the coolest thing the store has ever done i don't even have kids but i want to buy it for myself that's how awesome, nowhere is this mantra more evident than with the latest news about target's gender neutral policy it will no longer separate toys games or even bedding in a manner that suggests boys and girls.

Target corp is removing gender labels from most of its children's departments after customers complained about signs designating certain toys for girls the kids' bedding section will no longer, after complaints from customers target is removing the gender lines separating bedding and toys for boys and girls the retailer says it will leave such labels for clothing because of fit issues the