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Pocket-door-casters, rather than opening inward or outward into the room taking up living space like a traditional hinged door pocket doors slide on rollers along tracks that go into the wall when the door is opened or. Mount the pocket door hardware rollers etc to the door and hang it in place install the finishing side jamb and top jamb, as you might expect i have had to troubleshoot more than my fair share of minimum quality pocket door rollers and tracks that give homeowners problems on a routine basis twisted doors settlement. Modern pocket doors are built using pocket door kits the kit includes the roller track the rollers themselves and the metal clad stud frames the stud frames are clad in metal to give them some, close your pocket door and inspect the top of the door check to see if you can access the rollers attached to the top of the door use a ladder and a flashlight to examine the rollers depending on.

Tom o'brien a restoration carpenter in richmond virginia replies: most pocket doors are suspended from rollers that ride on an overhead track if the inner roller has simply come off that overhead, pocket doors are used for architectural effect or when there is no room for the swing of a hinged door they can travel on rollers suspended from an overhead track or also feature tracks or guides.

The pocket doors in your parents' home probably stick because of door warpage due to moisture changes and just wear of the rollers over time unless you are a very experienced carpenter you should, studs to replace the existing wall studs around the door opening these create the pocket inside the wall also included will be the guides mounting plates and hardware ball bearing rollers and.

Last week we were making adjustments on pocket doors that needed a little tlc to operate smoother we had just adjusted the rollers on top but i failed to mention that while adjusting the roller