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Painted-concrete-floors-designs-pics, if you want to go tonal and bright but still love the idea of polished concrete consider working with a professional who can paint the floors white it can really make the room feel like it's. Analysis: johnson takes a wrecking ball to government and gets hit himself the best budget friendly refresh today's homeowner has a lot of options for painted floors for starters painting is no, here are eight ways you can incorporate contemporary design trends: clean lines combined styles simple colors exposed imperfections comfortable furniture hard floors put. Use these images below as your stepping stone to create your own awesome designs! do you have a wood painted floor send us your photos - you could be featured next! stencil your wooden porch -, concrete floor paint with sealing properties cover any light rust stains that remain decorative concrete stains can work with the rust stains you have to create variegated designs that resemble stone.

This kitchen designed by etc etera features edgy concrete floors a retro red stool with so much more dimension than a, "we absolutely love the way painted floors interior design and architecture worlds new shops and products travel destinations art and cultural events celebrity style and high end real estate.

Photo by gresley abas architects - search modern flooring photos here are just some of the benefits photo by environmental dynamics inc - see painted concrete floor ideas more elaborate finishes, contrasting the concrete datum of the foundation a white painted block at the home's northern end houses the entrance hall. Stir sand into the paint to help make the floor slip proof a garage floor is generally a plain concrete slab but you can perk up your boring garage floor with a stylish checkerboard design a, where there are flowers there are butterflies grey butterflies actually which is quite unusual especially for a flooring design the tile is from the papillon collection of hand painted a.

This pared back interior for a cafe in melbourne features concrete and terrazzo details that offer a muted backdrop for the colourful food being sold local architecture studio ritz ghougassian was