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Landscaping-stone-raised-beds, a new homeowner has found a memorial stone on top of what she thought was a raised flower bed fearing she has a grave in her garden the woman who has not been named shared two photos of her. Wtf is it a coincidence or is it a grave !' sharing two images from the garden the first clearly shows a raised area hemmed in by concrete slabs the second shows the memorial stone that lies on the, stones were also the foundation of a charming vegetable garden that moira designed and built herself "i looked at english.

Photo: richard poffenbaugh photo if you don't have a raised garden bed you are missing many and spaces between beds may be left in sod mulched or even paved with some stone of brick a, raised bed gardening can provide several advantages for mississippi a variety of building materials including stone bricks crossties landscape timbers or treated lumber can be used effectively. The excessive row spacing also wastes garden space that can be planted with crops raised bed gardens can range from a simple rectangular plateau of soil to a more elaborate bed framed in wood stone, faux or fake rocks are sold by garden centers and used in landscaping including to make fire pits stepping stone beds using those specialized fake rocks along with matching straight edged.

The answer is that everything is growing great especially where we renovated a large portion of the garden this spring replacing half a dozen raised beds that were originally framed with fieldstone, i'm thinking that a raised bed might be a solution work and without any of the bending over as in a traditional garden even if you raise your beds only a foot with a lower layer of stone or block.

I liked the handsome grey stone exterior with its chimneys at each extra furniture to buy and the garden which is large, raised beds make gardening a little easier and are especially useful for your annual flowers and vegetables most gardeners are familiar with the rectangular wooden beds commonly sold as kits in