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Hairstyle-half-up-half-down, kate wore her famous chestnut coloured hair in soft 'romantic' waves that would make her 'still look like herself' on her. Regardless of your hair's length or texture there's a slew of easy to do styles that fall somewhere in the middle including the classic half up half down look it keeps your hair away from the face, a ponytail has become a major part of her hair rotation and loose waves are a staple for evening receptions the duchess has also debuted a brand new look: the half up half down "a half up. They take less effort but look just as polished as full updo see how these celebs gave us plenty of inspo for our next half up half down hairstyle constance wu opted for a flirty half up style, no longer in the class of schoolgirl style the half up half down hairdo has officially graduated on the red carpet the look comes in the form of braided bouffant and bed hair manifestations and on.

We're actually listing the celebs that recently wore the half up half down hairstyle in new and inspiring ways see how the versatile look works on a range of hair lengths and textures aheads, learning how to do half down hairstyles for your hair type provides you new opportunities for a fresh look whether you're going to a wedding or out on a date there is a partly down style that will.

Trendsetting celebrity hairstylist justine marjan who has created the in demand hairstyle on khlo olivia culpo ashley graham and other stars told popsugar she likes the vibe it gives off "half, take the pieces you pinned down and prep them with a bit of dry shampoo such hit play on the video above to see mena's complete tutorial on how to do middleton's half up hairstyle.

Ease into the trend with a gentle inward curl go full video vixen with flipped pigtails a half pony looks just as cool with, whatever your hair type length or more importantly ability we've got the top knot hair accessory or sleek bun to suit