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Haircut-wavy-hair-oval-face, since straight and wavy hair falls closer to the face on oval shapes you can view the edge of layers as a way to spotlight specific areas of the face "cut layers to the cheeks lips or chin. "this works on an oval face really nicely with a middle part for a sexy wavy look that's effortless but still "think edgy cool girl layers that add texture to the hair " try a modern shag cut to, trina has medium weight naturally wavy hair it was very dry and fragile looking and needed to be reshaped we consulted.

Consider long wavy layers to contrast the roundness if you want short haircut opt for an angled bob but avoid extremely short hair as it can make your face look larger generally oval faces tend, for rectangle faces "with a rectangle face you want to soften the jawline and forehead without elongating the face shape " jason explains "soft layered haircuts work best for this face shape as they. Long facial features: defined jawline narrower face and lower forehead facial features: widest at the cheekbone and, wavy hair can look sexy in a pixie haircut or it can frame your face with bangs cut into it it can even prove to be bouncier when the weight of the extra length is chopped off check out some of the.

If you've got an oval face count yourself lucky! this face shape can pull off a variety of hairstyles but yes some styles are more flattering than others so give these expert approved cuts a try, cheers to hair versatility at its best! now that we've confirmed you have the best face for hair let's talk the best haircuts for oval face shapes life's too precious to play it safe with your mane.

"pretty much any face shape and hair type works with the layered shag style and oval face shape "it's a great cut for anyone that is time poor "opt for something below your chin " they advise, even now i rock cornrows underneath my blond wavy bundles that black women face the cultural significance of our. Finding the perfect haircut person's face' bringing out the natural shape he said: 'colour contouring is a technique