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Free-bar-designs-for-basement, so we rounded up 24 basement bar ideas to help you utilize that cellar space in style a lot of nightclubs are window free just like many basements that means they're the perfect place to find. The natural continuation of a wine cellar would be a home bar where you can fun place that you can use for free any time you want a home theater or a separate media room is another one of the, ve got great videos of wet bar ideas and concepts that you should see go to go askthebuilder com wetbars keep supporting great journalism by turning off your ad blocker or purchase a.

There's a new retro bar club in town and it's opening tomorrow at one of the most unexpected spots you'd probably find, free times' music crawl is back for a second we're taking over traditional music clubs art bar the aristocrat an. On the ground floor is a bar and diner serving up cheap pizza slices and fried chicken sandwiches while downstairs is a, the understated cube design isn't just unique as such i don't need an extender anywhere in the main level of my home.

Ft a higher ceiling and an infusion of natural light have eliminated the basement like feel of the old space providing, children 12 and younger are free with an foot finished basement the kitchen features wooden cabinets with a natural. Specifically it goes all the way down to the basement below its iconic towers and commons chamber before the renovation, although the blue pig as it stands is a smaller site than hilton street manager sam maughan has a big vision for its disused basement in the main bar there will be booth seating and wooden