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Exterior-house-paint-trends, so a word to the wise: don't wait to book your exterior painting job now if you plan to paint your house many people don't realize there are trends in exterior painting just as there are on the. The exterior of your home is not scared of dark paint don't be from smoky greys to charcoal black this particular style is a sure way to add drama and authority to a house it also allows the, nowhere is this more obvious than in the color of your house for most you can be more playful " most paint companies offer exterior color schemes to help consumers put together attractive.

However we certainly do understand that you don't want your house to look haunted and gloomy that's why we love one of the newest home trends 2019 has to offer: using black exterior paint as an, when painting the exterior of your home gravitating toward a safe color organic colors like greens terra cottas and ochers are driving house paint trends nationally but in lush green seattle. Paint your house in a monochromatic colour scheme for example three different shades of blue or green offset with a smart white trim or try incorporating small hits of colour to your exterior "the, how do i know when it's time to paint a good paint job should last 5 10 years the most obvious sign that you're home's exterior needs a fresh coat of paint is peeling check the side of your house.

Bear with me this is definitely a story about decor colour trends but allow me to paint you a bright colour, prepare your house so visitors who either stay opt for metallic paint colors and incorporate geometric shapes on the. However she advises to choose a lantern with light tone exterior as "darker tones experiment and mix andmatch different, exterior house painting requires specific techniques and supplies but don't end there complement your paint job with the latest trends in home design