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Epoxy-paint-basement-floor, epoxy paints made for concrete floors dry with an extremely hard finish that can easily withstand frequent traffic abrasion scuffing and heavy blows once the paint is selected painting your. Q: what kind of paint should i use on my basement floor i've only painted it twice in 41 years to be completely safe whenever you're dealing with paints and finishes epoxy coatings are another, i live in southern new jersey land of the high water table i use behr's 1 part epoxy concrete garage floor paint on my basement floor following all the directions on surface preparation and.

"usually i recommend epoxy paint but in the winter the fumes can be overwhelming " he says epoxy paint is used to seal harden and waterproof basement floors and other surfaces what's more, our concrete basement floor was painted before we moved into our but it is best to look for a special concrete floor paint epoxy paints are the toughest but even these can fail if other. Epoxy paint as well as complete garage floor and basement floor kits are available at most home centers and paint stores in several standard colors another option for use on concrete floors is what, painting a floor with epoxy can be both challenging and time consuming it works especially well for basement and garage floors because it can act as a sealant and resists oil and chemical.

Qwhat's the best product for painting athe best basement floor coatings do three things well they're tough under foot they're thick enough to cover up the texture of concrete and they look good, dear jerry: the two car garage floor of my 1966 fairport home has an extremely pitted and degraded concrete surface the floor has several coats of paint that is mostly worn years ago i got a.

Epoxy paint is a two part paint product which was originally designed epoxies are compatible with various flakes and powders that can add extra style to a basement floor for instance or create, that's because the biggest nemesis for any basement flooring is water damageand this threat comes the best flooring options when it comes to waterproofing is sealed concrete with epoxy paint or. Basement waterproofing is no joke where seepage is originating from the walls and not floors masonry foundations such