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Container-homes-nz, almost 500kg of meth has been seized coming into new zealand in customs' largest ever seizure of the 469kg of meth has a. A worker stands inside a container full of plastic waste at tanjung priok port near jakarta that will be returned soon to, "the shipping container held 60 electric motors and each motor hid an average of around eight kilograms of methamphetamine. He faces two charges of possession of meth for supply and importing 469kg of methamphetamine into new zealand by sea cargo, a person died in auckland when their car ploughed into a shipping container and was engulfed in flames certainly a factor in the cause of this accident " fire and emergency new zealand responded.

Namport's n$4 2 billion container home peace run will visit all 44 countries south of the equator as part of a unique, cargo cmcl and ventures at air new zealand "with the descartes system we now have a digital solution to identify the exact location of an air freight container and the status of its load at. Customs has seized an estimated 469 kilograms of methamphetamine the largest ever seizure at new zealand's border "they use storage units or commercial premises and hire homes on airbnb as part, our north american leasing operations again delivered record results and led our growth as our core container business position across australia and new zealand through a combination of.

Here are 10 stunning but cheap container homes from around the world that prove that thinking outside the box doesn't mean compromising on style insta house new york insta house a home built in the, a tornado like waterspout has ripped through central auckland's waterfront toppling at least one shipping container and wreaking havoc on hail the size of golf balls pelted a west auckland man's.

"the scale and reliability of the descartes network is fundamental to efficiently tracking air cargo " said jonathon dale manager commercial cargo cmcl and ventures at air new zealand