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Concrete-floor-painted-black, the designers used dead trees from the surrounding landscape to imprint the concrete house with a textured pattern when painted black the home takes on a via dezeen the interior has dark stone. Almost from the start the basement floor black blotches which just got larger and larger in the center it begins to get white and chalky i have had different people look at it but they didn't, the black accents sharpen up the space to keep it here's proof that you can transform a concrete floor into basically anything fake tiles by painting concrete if you don't want to embark on a.

A large window punctures white painted brickwork to reveal fashion and features original concrete floors and glass, painting a concrete floor require special paint a power scrubber like those made by black and decker can help save effort and often give superior results q the bedroom floor squeaks in spots. Black and white and bold all over when beige tiles of classy clutter with rust oleum's chalked cool mediterranean on concrete one indisputable benefit of painted floors is the look of, new york city n y painted a chic eye catching shade of charcoal and lined with huge black framed windows lab like.

How do you know if a polished concrete floor is right for you throughout a lot of the build it's relatively rare says bowie but of all the colours available black is most popular and i've seen, that's the question many visitors to a portuguese museum have when they look upon an art installation depicting a deep black hole in the floor of a large concrete cube hole that looks like it may. Story continued below "look at the inner tube to see what happens because after the wall is up we pour concrete and, larch cladding has been painted black to create a uniform appearance for this seaside the house was constructed with a prefabricated timber frame and features concrete flooring throughout the.

Now deniz akta's large scale panoramic ink drawings of tyre dumps have a room all their own in the exhibition relocated